Take 2 Adventure are honoured to be in a position whereby we are able to help young people gain an understanding and love of the natural world and their surrounding environment. We believe that children who have positive experiences in the outdoors inturn are encouraged to care about it and learn about their impact on sustainability.

We work hard to encourage and educate young people on how to have a positive impact on their environment through leading by example.

Some of the ways we achieve this are as follows


For all of our camps we request that children, as part of their standard kit list, bring their own cutlery, plate and bottle, this alleviates the need for single use plastics during meal times, whilst also giving them independence to look after and clean their belongings. We actively plan in ‘wash up’ duties at the end of each meal time and provide tea / hand towels to avoid the use of paper towels.


Our firewood is sourced from our own woodland. We have fallen trees or trees taken out as part of our woodland management process, this allows us to timber only what we need to take into schools and use at the woodland site, therefore, all non toxic and never treated with any chemicals.


Due to the diverse range of supplies required for the delivery of our activities we use a broad mix of suppliers. Where possible we will use local, British suppliers that have a low waste ethos and/or who use recycled materials.