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DIY Woodland Adventure!

For any of you with young children, trying to socially distance yourself from others and keep the family occupied could prove rather difficult. Restricting children to their homes for any length of time will no doubt start to affect their mental health and physical health (along with your own!!)
It is proven that time outdoors has massive benefits for everyone and with Covid-19 wreaking havoc on our daily lives it is more important than ever to get some fresh air and freedom. The government have said themselves exercise is key.
So here at Take 2 Adventure we will be providing DIY woodland activities for families to get outside and enjoy time amongst the trees!

Hen Peck Egg-stravaganza

Join us on Thursday 9th April for an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference!

What Is An Adventure?

Each definition is as personal as the adventure itself, here are our thoughts. We would love to hear all about your adventures big and small!