Duke of Edinburgh Expedition Providers

Take 2 Adventure Ltd are now official providers of the Duke of Edinburgh!

As of now we are looking to build of our very own DofE portfolio! We have worked with and run DofE expeditions for other companies all over the UK but now it is our turn to run the expedition programme, provide support and offer guidance to schools and young people in our local area and beyond.

Working with DofE participants is one of the best parts of our job, aside from the fact that we are able to spend time in beautiful areas, it is being out there with the young people; while they learn through the experience of camping, navigating and cooking, while they explore their local area or further afield and while they overcome the challenges of working as a team. Many these elements come as a first time experience and the debrief at the end of every expedition always gives time for reflection, showing development of their personal skills, the discovery of leadership qualities they didn’t know they had or realising an inner confidence at their abilities. This is what makes DofE so special. That is why we are so excited to help more young people realise their potential and experience all things outdoors along the way!

For more information about how we can provide support or run an expedition for your school, if you are a young person wanting to find an open expedition or simply looking for an additional assessor or supervisor contact us: Take2Adventure@gmail.com

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