Little Big Dreams List

‘Go now, live the dream, big adventures, no excuses’ these are headlines in The Adventure Travel magazine that I was reading whilst sat having my final, Devonshire lunch before the big move back up North (which is now two weeks ago and it has flown). But whilst sat there I had an overwhelming feeling of we have actually done just that, we dreamt, we did, we’ve done, no excuses! This got me thinking, when Stuart and I first met we had a list… some would call it a bucket list, a to-do list, a travel list or even quite simply a date ideas list. Over the past four years we have ticked off a substantial number of trips, places and activities and it is these lists and ideas that have driven us to the adventures we have taken, from something as small as a date day to Yorkshire wildlife park to the more epic dream of let’s be outdoor instructors!

We have spent the past year blogging what we have done but maybe now is the time for a little insight into to what drives us; from the small tasks to the big ventures..

So here it is.. our ‘little big dream list’

  • Make curtains for the camper.. (which don’t fall off every time you close them..)
  • Walk the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye
  • Hike and kayak the Norwegian Fjords
  • Climb Cneifen Arete in Snowdonia
  • Run a small expedition to the Wicklow Mountains
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Be so successful we require a second van for life on the road
  • Reach 100+ likes on Facebook (only 2 away!)
  • Become Duke of Edinburgh providers so we can run expeditions for schools independently

For us, our experiences push our limits and deliver constant learning. This helps to set up new adventures for you and provides knowledge which we can pass onto everyone we have the opportunity to work with.

We will always have a dream list and where possible we would like to help with yours… so grab a pen and get making your ‘little big dream list’.

If you comment on this blog with your next little or big dream adventure we will give you a 10% discount on any future guided walk with us!

2 Comments on “Little Big Dreams List

  1. Here’s our dream list. But before we write it it is important to remember a dream list is for anyone of any age. Not just when your young so you have your whole life to achieve it and not just when your old and time is limited. We all dream of our future so it’s time to make your own future and not wait for it to come to you.
    I agree with Laura that small dreams are just as important.

    See more of our local area, walk more, cycle more from the front door
    Cycle coast to coast route
    Drive the North West 500 (Scotland)
    Get fitter
    Get thinner
    Retire fit and healthy with an activity based retirement plan
    See more of our close friends
    Northern lights
    And more will follow

    Walk some of the Great Wall is China

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    • Wow great words here Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your dreams! An inspiring read. A 10% discount voucher is on the way to you!


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