Keeping Our Fingers Crossed

Today we embark on yet another adventure, yes another hiking adventure. This one, however, could be slightly more epic than our last few. As this expedition will not be in the UK but instead we will be travelling further afield. We will be flying out to Geneva to take on the Tour de Mont Blanc (well half of it at least) we will be starting in Chamonix, then hiking through three countries; France, Switzerland and finishing in Cormayeur, Italy.


This expedition is not for our own personal enjoyment (albeit a perk of the job) we will be sharing our experiences with a group of 16-17 year olds, who we will be assessing, as this epic expedition is the final part of their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

I love the outdoors. I love the views. I love the physical challenge (most of the time) I love the experience of exploration but I’m only human I do love a bit of sunshine.. however, after checking the forecast it looks like we are in for an epically interesting, potentially very soggy week..

So we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed the weather people have got it wrong.. and you guys can keep your eyes out for a few photos updates.

Catch up next week.

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