Those Moments

Do you ever get the sense that time is moving too quick for you to keep up? Do you ever think; where has the day gone but what did I do?

These were the questions we were asking ourselves until two months ago, when we quit our jobs and changed careers! It is hard to believe that we are barely through our year long course to become Outdoor Instructors; we are forever on the move doing new, exciting things and pushing ourselves to learn new skills, it feels like we have been here a long time already!

We are fully immersed in our life of change, as you know, our goals are to, “Get out of the rat race, discover new places and people, explore nature, climb mountains and test our limits,” Let me just say, in these two months we have already accomplished all of these.


Recently, we have been learning the process of delivering high ropes and zip line sessions and practising real life rescues! We also discovered Dartmoor and Exmoor for the first time, where in these incredibly tranquil places we had the chance to see endangered Exmoor ponies and wild red deer. Our office has become the great outdoors, we see amazing wildlife regularly and have the opportunity to really appreciate the nature around us. It is at these times, that we forget what we did yesterday, we don’t think about tomorrow, we just live in the moment and take it all in.  


We had the chance to share these moments with our families over the past week, when they too joined in the adventure, whether it was hiking the hills of Dartmoor or paddling the river Dart. It was great to share the knowledge and skills we have learnt with those that have supported and put up with our crazy ventures over the years. We only hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Now, you may not be bagging the next grade while climbing, nailing a section of rapids or hiking up mountains but there are beautiful places close by to all of you, where you can relax, make memories and enjoy the moment with the people who mean the most to you.

So I urge you, take time to get away from your weekly routines, it doesn’t have to be as drastic as our adventures. You don’t have to go far just explore and have fun.

Here are some links, big and small, to inspire you to find an adventure.

And if you want to come on an adventure with us:

Do you have any ideas or trips that you can recommend or magic moments to share please feel free to comment below.

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